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Los Doctores Cubanos

Hair Repair Box Set

Hair Repair Box Set

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Hair Repair Box Set by Los Doctors Cubanos:

From Los Doctores Cubanos, board-certified dermatologists who specialize in skin, hair and nail conditions, and sell doctor-designed products.

1. 2 x Hair Repair Shampoo: With not one, but TWO bottles, commit to a rejuvenating routine that combats hair loss and repairs damaged strands. Infused with Stimucap®, Biotin, Saw Palmetto and a blend of nourishing extracts, each wash promises to bring you closer to your hair's radiant potential.

2. 2 x Hair Repair Vibrant Conditioner: Ensure deep, consistent nourishment with TWO bottles of our all-natural conditioner. Rich in shea butter and biotin, it is your doubly pleasant entry to promoting keratin production, nourishing your scalp and achieving that irresistible softness and shine.

3. Hair Repair Boosting Lotion: A powerful elixir to strengthen hair from the roots, protect follicles and soothe the scalp. With ingredients like Biotin, Apple Stem Cell Extract and Olive Leaf Extract, it's the perfect finishing touch to your routine.

Get more for less, without compromising quality. Suitable for all hair types and sensitive skin, our Comprehensive Hair Care System offers an extended supply of transformative care. Feel the benefits of the holistic approach of Los Doctores Cubanos and enjoy the beauty of revitalized hair.

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