Proudly Supporting Corazon de Oro: Our Commitment to Community and Education

At Los Doctores Cubanos, we believe in the power of community and the importance of giving back. That’s why we are incredibly proud to be a Campeon sponsor of the first annual fundraiser for Corazon de Oro, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting students from Lane Tech High School in their pursuit of higher education.

Our Commitment to Corazon de Oro

Corazon de Oro was founded to honor the memory of Abraham Esparza Jr., a remarkable individual whose life was defined by his dedication to service, passion for soccer, and commitment to education. Abe’s story is one of relentless pursuit of excellence both on and off the field. As a graduate of Lane Tech and a member of the Boys Varsity Soccer team, Abe’s achievements were not only limited to his athletic prowess but extended to his unwavering commitment to his community.

Honoring a Legacy of Service

Abe Esparza was more than an exceptional soccer player; he was a compassionate individual who devoted his life to helping others. Whether it was volunteering at immigrant shelters in Arizona or serving as a Chicago police officer, Abe’s desire to make a difference was evident in every aspect of his life. His educational journey, from earning a Bachelor's degree in Spanish education to a Master's degree in Teaching Foreign Language, highlighted his belief in the transformative power of education.

The Corazon de Oro Scholarship

The Corazon de Oro scholarship was established to carry on Abe’s legacy, celebrating the three pillars that defined his life: Lane Tech Soccer, Community Service, and Passion for Learning. This scholarship is dedicated to students within the Lane Tech soccer community who share Abe’s passion for helping others. To qualify, applicants must be graduating seniors from Lane Tech who have played soccer at any level and have plans to continue their education.

Our Donation

We are honored to contribute $3000 as a Campeon sponsor for the Noche de Comunidad event. This event is not just a fundraiser but a celebration of the values that Abe stood for. Our sponsorship is a testament to our belief in the mission of Corazon de Oro and our commitment to supporting the next generation of community leaders.

Join Us in Supporting This Noble Cause

The first annual Noche de Comunidad event is a significant milestone for Corazon de Oro, and we invite everyone to join us in supporting this noble cause. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of students who aspire to continue their education and contribute positively to their communities.

For more information about Corazon de Oro and the event, please visit Corazon de Oro - Event Information.

Final Thoughts

At Los Doctores Cubanos, we are driven by a mission to not only provide exceptional hair and skincare products but also to support and uplift our community. We are proud to stand with Corazon de Oro in honoring Abe Esparza’s legacy and fostering a spirit of service and learning.

Thank you for being a part of our journey and for your support in making a positive impact on our community.

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