The Science of: Panthenol

The Science of: Panthenol

Panthenol is a water-soluble molecule that is obtained from vitamin B5, and when it enters the body, it becomes pantothenic acid. This last compound is essential for life, since it is capable of forming the coenzyme CoA that is used to metabolize carbohydrates, proteins and fats.


Panthenol is added in shampoo and conditioner as part of its main ingredients, since it provides an extra benefit for the care and general health of the hair, by effectively stimulating hair growth. Additionally, panthenol has moisturizing properties that relieve dry hair and allow fine hair to appear thicker.


Panthenol is a potent emollient that diffuses evenly over the entire surface of the hair, generating a thin layer that gives it shine and luminosity. This helps to give hair a vibrant and healthy appearance and gives the necessary conditions to detangle the hair while achieving a soft and delicate hairstyle to avoid hair loss.


When panthenol coats the hair shafts, it facilitates the combing of wet hair - the comb glides more easily and it is not necessary to apply force. In addition to this, panthenol is effective in preventing hair breakage, restoring its natural elasticity and restoring a much healthier appearance.


In conclusion


As we have been able to appreciate, there are natural products such as saw palmetto, biotin and panthenol that can be very useful to prevent and stop hair loss, significantly improving your general health conditions. At Los Doctores Cubanos, we recommend its use in topical form to give fuller and thicker hair in the hair of men and women.

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