The Science of: Saw palmetto

The Science of: Saw palmetto

The Saw Palmetto or Serenoa is a plant that belongs to the palm family, which is found in northern Mexico and southern United States. Reaching up to 3 meters long, it has long green leaves. 


Among its many properties, Saw Palmetto has a powerful anti-androgenic properties, that aims to stop hair loss and improves its general condition. For example, we can highlight the results of a scientific article published by Evyatar Evron, Margit Juhasz, Arash Babadjouni and Natasha Atanaskova Mesinkovska, entitled:loss "Saw Palmetto for hair: myth or miracle?", (, published in August 2020. This study shows the enhancing effect of saw palmetto in different clinical trials carried out on voluntary patients, that shows that topical supplements of this plant are capable of improving hair quality by 60%, as well as a 27% increase in total hair count and an increase in hair density.


Despite these important results, it is necessary to continue researching in a scientific way about the properties of saw palmetto. When analyzing the conclusions of this and other studies, we are hopeful of the future larger scale studies to show that the topical products made with this plant are efficient for decrease and prevent hair loss.




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